Design Services

Available samples and sample room

We understand that choosing the right floor is a very important and sometimes difficult decision. With so many different kinds of woods and colours to choose from it can be very overwhelming. At Boreal Wood Floors we have large samples of dozens of different colours on the most common species of wood used that we make available to help our clients make an informed decision. Looking at small stain swatches and pictures can be helpful but nothing compares to large samples that can be viewed in your own home.


Boreal Wood Floors offers complimentary in-home estimates. We accurately measure the areas you would like done and examine the environmental conditions to make sure everything is to standard and ready to accept your new hardwood floors. Estimates can be arranged to meet your schedule and we provide a timely in-home consultation and timely provision of our quotes.

Subfloor repair and remediation services

A new hardwood floor is a big investment and a proper subfloor will ensure years of trouble free service. We have the experience and knowledge to provide the necessary subfloor repairs and materials no mater the type of existing subfloor.

Installation services

Our installers are an integral part of our company and are directly employed by Boreal Wood Floors, which means we maintain consistency, ensuring our high standards for quality are met. All of our employees are covered by our WCB and liability insurance.