Wood floors are marketed by their grade, the outward appearance and natural characteristics of the wood itself which are the result of both the growth process and growth location . Grading does not necessary imply the quality of the wood, but instead things like colour, knots, heartwood vs. sapwood and length. Wood flooring is graded into Clear, Select and Better, #1 Common and #2 Common.



No matter which flooring product you choose, be it site finished hardwood or Luxury Vinyl Tile, all wood floor products are susceptible to seasonal expansion and contraction or movement due to changing environmental conditions. Care should always be taken to choose the proper product that will give the desired performance over time.


Colour Change

You can expect to see some colour difference over time in your floor. Floors primarily change colour when exposed, directly or indirectly, to the sun’s UV rays. Colour change can be more noticeable in lighter colours, which will darken over time. Some woods, such as cherry and walnut, and exotic woods such as Brazilian cherry, are more prone to colour change due to their natural oils. Brazilian cherry may also become very light in direct sunlight, giving it a bleached look.


Engineered vs. Solid Floors

Engineered floors are manufactured using a cross laminated core of soft wood with a premium hardwood top layer. This construction contributes to engineered floors being more dimensionally stable than solid wood floors. Engineered floors are ideal for below grade applications, over radiant heated floors or where boards wider than 4” are desired. Engineered products can be nailed down, glued down or floated over different subfloor surfaces. Though many different species can be used for the top layer, and many colours and textures, such as scrubbed or wire brushed, are made care should be taken when choosing engineered floors. Though sold as a wood floor that can be reifinished many engineered floors are not thick enough to be resanded.

Solid floors are milled from solid wood stock with a tongue and groove system and are most commonly nailed and glued down. Solid floors are more susceptible to seasonal expansion and contraction than engineered floors and require a solid subfloor system to be anchored to. Solid wood floors can be refinished many times and can last generations.


Our Products

Custom Accessories

We maintain our own mill shop and can produce a wide variety of custom accessories to compliment any wood floor our clients chose. Whether it's custom curved treads, borders and inlays or stain matched prefinished transition strips, we can produce requested items in a timely manner to help complete our clients projects.

Solid hardwood flooring

Solid hardwood is milled from solid wood stock with a tongue and groove. Many different species are available and is available in both site finished and prefinished.

Engineered hardwood flooring

This type of flooring is factory constructed by laminating layers of different woods with a solid top layer of hardwood. Like solid wood floors, engineered floors are available in both site finished and prefinished. Care should be taken when selecting engineered floors as southern Alberta's climate can be problematic.

Site finished hardwood flooring

Site finished hardwood floors are a very specialized product, and at Boreal Wood Floors we have the experience, knowledge and state of the art dust contained sanding equipment necessary to give you the bespoke floor of your dreams. There are many species, grades, dimensions and patterns to choose from, even site finished engineered floors.


Many homes have existing floors, some even decades old. These floors can be added on to, patched and repaired, sanded and refinished with new urethanes. We can even repair and refinish prefinished floors to any colour desired.

Laminate floors

There are many styles, colours and types of laminates to choose from. Laminates are a great choice for durability and are economically priced.

Cork Flooring

Cork is the bark harvested from the cork oak tree and is available in many different colours and patterns. There are a variety of cork products, from floating laminate cork floors to glue down pure cork tiles. Cork is the most ecologically oriented hardwood flooring product.

Luxury vinyl tile

LVT is polyurethane floor product that is both durable and long lasting. Available in many different patterns including tile, stone and wood, LVT offers many choices and can be used anywhere in the home, even bathrooms.